Today we opened the doors on Runscope, our new set of tools for debugging, testing and inspecting your API integrations. In addition to that, we announced that we’ve received a seed round investment of $1.1M from True Ventures, Lerer Ventures, David Cohen, Andreessen Horowitz, Nat Friedman, Jon Dahl and Ullas Naik.

While launching to the public is a lot of fun and the culmination of a lot of hard work, it’s just the starting line for the next stage of what we’re trying to accomplish. Even so, getting here required a lot of help and support from a great many people and I’d like to thank those that were instrumental in helping us get this far.

First off, my wife Emily. When I told her I wanted to quit my job to start a company she didn’t even flinch. When fundraising hit rough patches she was unwaveringly supportive. Thank you honey.

Next up, my co-founder Frank and the rest of the team that has joined us in the past few months: you’ve done amazing work in a short period of time and you’re a blast to work with. Honored to be working with you.

To Nat Friedman, Jon Dahl, Ullas Naik, Adam D’Augelli and the True crew, David Cohen, Ari Newman, Max Stoller, Steve Schlafman, Chris Dixon, and Frank Chen: I couldn’t ask for a better set of investors. Thank you all for your support.

And lastly to everyone else who helped with intros, reference calls, testing out the preview, advice, lawyering, finding office space, candidate referrals, etc: thanks for playing a small part in helping us get this far.

Now, the hard part.